When installing the sensor on the water meter it is very important to ensure proper placement. Below is a checklist to make sure your sensor is installed properly:

  • The water sensor is installed right side up, so the word "bottom" is facing down

  • The water sensor is very tight and secure around the meter

  • The water sensor is parallel to the pipe that runs through your meter

  • There is nothing in between the water sensor and the meter (no straps, rocks, wires, etc.)

  • The positioning of the water sensor does not interfere with the opening and closing of the meter lid

Examples of good water sensor placement:

If the meter is larger you may want to move the water sensor lower on the meter so the water sensor is around the larger base like the photo below:

Examples of bad water sensor placement:

The water sensor is upside down in the picture below

There is a rock in between the water sensor and meter in the picture below

The water sensor is not parallel to the pipe, needs to be placed lower on the meter, and interferes with the opening and closing of the meter lid in the picture below

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