Some homeowners in drought-stricken areas are charged a penalty if they use more than a certain amount of water in a day or a month. Other homeowners are trying to reduce their water usage and/or their water bills. If you fall into one of these categories, then you can use Budgets to help you monitor (and reduce) your water usage. 

Let's say that you are charged a penalty for using more than 984 gallons of water per day (a real example in California). In this case, you could configure Flume to notify you when you reach 75% and 100% of this usage each day.

Creating your first Budget

From your Flume Dashboard, click the "+" sign shown in the screenshot shown below:

Next, you will be able to create a budget notification. 

First, select the interval-- daily, weekly or monthly. Next, choose the amount of water that will trigger the notification. Flume will suggest an amount based on similar households. If you are unsure about what "normal" usage is, here is an article that might help you.

So, as an example, if you want to be notified when you use 120 gallons of water per day, you would choose "Daily" for the interval, and "120" for the amount.

Next, click the "Add another threshold" link. This will allow you to specify when you get notified. For instance, if you want to get notified before you reach the amount of water specified in the previous step, you may want to set a threshold at 75%. You can add additional thresholds as well (by simply clicking the "Add another threshold" link). 

For instance, in the screen below, the user will be notified when they use 90 gallons of water in a day (75% of 120 gallons). They will also be notified when they have used 120 gallons in a day (100% of 120 gallons).

When you are done creating your budget, click the "Save" button.

Adding More Budgets

You may want to create a few different budgets. For instance, you might want to create a daily budget and a monthly budget. 

If you have setup any budgets, they will be displayed on your dashboard as shown here:

If you have setup more than one budget, you will see your first budget displayed on the Dashboard. 

To add a new budget, simply click on the three vertical dots and select "Create New Budget" from the menu.

Viewing Budgets

If you have setup more than one budget, you will see your first budget displayed on the Dashboard. 

To access your other budgets, simply swipe left or right. In the example above, note that there are two dots displayed under the budget graph. Those dots imply that there are two budgets. To access the second budget, swipe left. To get back to the first, swipe right. 

Editing or Deleting Budgets

To edit or delete a budget, first find the budget that you would like to change or remove by swiping left or right (as described above). Once you find it, simply click on the three vertical dots and select "Edit Budget" from the menu.

Once you get to the budget page, you can either change your budget or delete it. To edit your budget, simply change any data about the budget and click the "Save" button. To delete a budget, just click the "Delete Budget" link.

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