Here is a quick video that will walk you through the WiFi setup process:

If you can not get your Flume device to connect to your WiFi network, here are some things to try:


If your WiFi name or your WiFi password contains an apostrophe, then you will not be able to get connected to WiFi. If possible, please change your network name or password so that it doesn't contain an apostrophe. Or, if possible, you can setup a guest network that does not have any apostrophes in the the network name or password. If neither of these options are possible, then please contact us at and we can send you a replacement device that will get around this problem.

Check your WiFi Password

Make sure that your WiFi password is correct. If possible, try to login to your WiFi network on your phone or computer using this password (just to make sure that it is correct). If you are unsure of your password, sometimes is located on the bottom or side of your router.

Reset The Bridge

Unplug your bridge. Wait 10 seconds. Then, plug the bridge back in again. Then try to repeat the setup process.

Placement of Bridge

Make sure that your Flume bridge (the device that looks like a salt shaker) is reasonably close to your WiFi router (about 3 feet away is optimal). You can move it later, but it should be close to your router for this step.

Multiple Access Points

If you have multiple WiFi extenders or multiple access points throughout your house, try unplugging all of the extenders or access points during installation. Just leave the main router plugged in. Once installation is complete, you can plug all of your devices back in. 

Check for Flashing Blue Light

Ensure the blue light in the bridge is flashing. If it’s not, then press and hold the black button for 20 seconds until it begins to flash again. If it flashes once and goes off, press and hold again for 20 seconds. It should began flashing again and you can complete your connection.

Reset the Router

Try resetting your Router and try the process again.

Try a Different WiFi Network

Sometimes, due to network congestion, the Flume bridge may have trouble connecting to your WiFi network. If you have multiple WiFi networks available in your home (for instance a Guest Network), you may want to try and connect your Flume bridge to this alternate network. Most routers will allow you to create a Guest Network if you don't already have one enabled.


If you have VPN software installed on your phone, then disable it during setup. You can turn it back on again once your setup is complete.


If the blue light turns off when you try to connect, your router is most likely blocking access to the Flume Bridge.

If you have changed any firewall settings on your WiFi router, then it may be preventing your Flume bridge from connecting to the Internet. If this is the case, please verify that ports 123 and 1883 are not blocked. Also, if you have an Xfinity router, you may want to verify that the firewall settings are set for "Typical" and not "Maximum".

Also, on some routers, you must specifically allow new devices to join your network. For instance, on the Netgear Nighthawk router, there is a setting that can block all new devices from connecting to the Internet. If this is the case, you must specifically go into your router settings and allow the Flume Bridge to connect.

If you still can not connect to WiFi, then please contact Flume Support.

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